2-Octyl cyanoacetate [52688-08-1] 99.0%min

2-Octyl cyanoacetate [52688-08-1], Industrial scale,  99.0%min (GC), Colorless transparent liquid.

2-Octyl cyanoacetate [52688-08-1] Identification

Chemical name: 2-Octyl cyanoacetate
Synonyms: Cyanoacetic acid isooctyl ester; 2-Cyanodecanoate
CAS No.: 52688-08-1
Molecular formula: C11H19NO2
Molecular weight: 197.28
Boiling point: 143.0-144.0 °C
Density: 0.951 g/mL


2-Octyl cyanoacetate Specification

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
Purity: 99.0%min by GC
Acidity: 0.010%max
Moisture: 0.05%max by KF

2-Octyl cyanoacetate Package

Regular Packing: N.W 200kg/Plastic drum
Sample Packing: 0.1kg-1kg/plastic bottle

Transport Information

Non dangerous goods
HS Code: 2926909090

2-Octyl cyanoacetate Application:

2-Octyl cyanoacetate [52688-08-1] is the main raw material used in the synthesis of a-cyanoacrylate adhesives. a-cyanoacrylate adhesives were the first discovered and most widely used tissue adhesives, which are characterised by fast bonding, high bond strength, and relatively low toxicity and tissue reaction, and are the main species used in clinical applications. It is widely used in orthodontics, dental repair and in orthopaedics for fixation of artificial joints and filling of bone defects in artificial joint replacement.
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