Poly(dimethylsilylene) [28883-63-8]

Poly(dimethylsilylene) [28883-63-8], Commercially available, Industrial scale,  98.0%min, White powder.

Poly(dimethylsilylene) [28883-63-8] Identification

Chemical name: Poly(dimethylsilylene)
Synonyms: Dimethyldichlorosilane polymer; PDMS
CAS No.: 28883-63-8
Molecular formula: (C2H6Si)n
Molecular weight: 1,000-3,000
Melting point: 250-270 °C


Poly(dimethylsilylene) Specification

Appearance: White powder
Oxygen content: 0.50%max
Chloride ion content: 0.50%max
The content of soluble substance in benzene: 2.00%max
Moisture: 0.50%max

Poly(dimethylsilylene) Package

Regular Packing: N.W 25kg/Fiber drum
Sample Packing: 0.1kg-1kg/Plastic bottle

Transport Information

Class 4.1 dangerous goods
UN 1325
HS Code: 2931900090

Poly(dimethylsilylene) Application:

Poly(dimethylsilylene) [28883-63-8] is a polymeric material whose main chain consists of silicon atoms. Due to the low electronegativity of Si and 3d empty orbitals, the electrons can leave the domain extensively along the Si-Si main chain, which makes the polydimethylsilane have some properties such as photoconductivity, third-order nonlinear optics, photoluminescence and electroluminescence, etc., and it has a wide range of application prospects in the photoconductivity, light-emitting diodes, nonlinear optical materials, etc., which is also the important reason why it attracts wide attention. This is also the important reason why it has attracted wide attention.
Application of polydimethylsilane
(1) Preparation of SiC ceramics.
(2) As initiator for olefin polymerisation.
(3) As photoconductive and charge transfer complex materials.
(4) As a high-resolution photoresist.
(5) As nonlinear optical materials.
(6) Manufacture of light-emitting diodes.
(7) Development of new optical memory materials.
(8) Polydimethylsilane is also widely used in other optoelectronic materials. In recent years, polydimethylsilane films have been used in contact scanning probe microscopy (SPM) nanoplatelet printing, which has the advantage of higher solubility and less radiation loss during sample forming.

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